Friday, October 26, 2012

Belly Love

I find that most days, my sadness overshadows the fact that I'm building a little person in my belly! I've been reminded by a dear friend to enjoy every minute of my pregnancy, because I will love looking back and remembering what a joy it really was to carry Leila for as long as I could. This got me looking at my belly pictures and ultrasound photos and really feeling thankful to have the time that I do with her.

The strange food choices, the morning sickness, and hormonal rampages, the mystery of how my butt continues to widen but I don't put on a pound... I'm learning to consider these all blessings, because they are sure signs that I am in the process of making a person! And a beautiful one, at that. One that has touched so many hearts and lives, and will continue to do so forever.