Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yesterday, we enjoyed our first and likely only Halloween with Leila. It definitely didn't start out the way I had hoped! Not only was I recovering from a horrible stomach flu, and still feeling pretty weak and queasy, but on my way to drop Dallas of for school and head to work after being home sick for two days... the Oregon rain got the best of me (and my car). The road conditions combined with bumper to bumper traffic led to a lovely "fender bender". I'll admit, my driving skills have never been the best, but I've been pretty lucky at avoiding accidents for the most part. Karma caught up with me that morning. I got slapped with a $300.00 ticket for following to closely (who doesn't follow closely during rush hour!?), a $500.00 deductible, and inevitably a steep incline in the cost of my insurance. Yesterday, I was struggling to justify a $4.00 coffee... lovely.

After a ride in the tow truck with Quimby the dog (he attends every call, I suppose), and about a half hour with the rental car company (thanks for the upgrade! I'll go ahead and keep your 2012 Buick LaCrosse, will you take a smashed up 2005 Sentra for trade?), I made it to work. It was the day of our monthly All Hands meeting, where the whole company comes together to review our goals, our mission, and to hear someone speak. Yesterday, Mark Hornibrook, the founder of our company and his son both spoke. The message was about how things do not always go as you plan, but you ultimately end up where you are because of the path you were put on by God. I felt and overwhelming compulsion to pull Mark aside after the meeting and thank him. He has been battling stage four cancer for the last year, and his faith has been a real inspiration to me. I told him that I felt it was a true miracle that God put me here at this company when he did, right before "Hurricane 2012" struck my life. Had I been with any other company, the events of my personal life would have not only devastated me, and would have also left me jobless. We sat in his office and cried together, but they were not sad tears. We talked about God's plan for me and for Leila, and the trust we have in it. I've found a real home in Precoa and am very lucky to be a part of such an amazing work family.

After leaving work, I hurriedly picked up supplies to turn my son into Davey Jones and headed to Tualatin for Trick or Treating. If I may say so, I did a damn good job!

Will and I walked Dallas through the neighborhoods for a good hour, collecting candy and watching the kids. Each time I saw a little girl all dressed up, I couldn't help but smile. One in particular, a little lady bug no older than about a year and a half, really got me. She toddled around the driveway, not much caring about making it to the front door, as her mother tried to direct her. I thought about how I will never get to do that with Leila, but was so grateful for that mother and her daughter. They were really enjoying those moments and it was beautiful to watch. Will squeezed my hand as we admired them. Soon after, we walked to a house that was tucked back behind other homes but had their lights. On Halloween, that means one thing: candy! Dallas walked up to the door and as it opened, I recognized the woman's face. It was my obstetrician, Dr. Olmstead. As soon as she saw me, she pulled me in for a great big hug. She told me she doesn't get many trick-or-treaters with her house being so far back, but it made her night to see us. It really made mine too. God has a funny way of making us smile sometimes.

Returning home with a pooped pirate and a pillowcase full of cavities, we all retired from Halloween 2012. Another day of ups and downs, but ultimately ending with a smile. As always, I'm grateful for what I have. My son, my love, our little girl and our crazy life.

Captain Dallas, Super Mommy and trusty sidekick Leila!

"Vern and Tammy Lynn"

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  1. You are so awesome!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COSTUMES!!!! You guys did awesome!!